19.90 USD

Set comes in a carrying case and features 7 high-quality metal tools for
at-home touch-ups or grooming on-the-go. Not only does the kit feature 2 brow shaping tools but also 5 manicure tools to help you clip, snip and smooth the tip!

Choose between Light Pink or Violet Kit.


  1. Slanted edge nail clipper : Clips the corner of nails
  2. Eyebrow Scissors : Trims Eyebrow hairs
  3. Nail Clipper : Cuts nails
  4. Peeling knife : To gently scrape off & remove nail polish
  5. V-shaped push : Removes dead skin from around nailbed
  6. Eyebrow  tweezer : Shapes brows by removing unwanted hairs
  7. Nail File : Files and leaves a smooth tip

Product Code : 9700801

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